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Empower Applicants: No-Cost Criminal Record Check Coupons

Everyone - employers, charitable organizations, or individuals wanting to make a difference. Who can purchase coupons?

Who can use the coupons? Any job applicant requiring a Criminal Record with Judicial Matters Check (CRCJM).

How to redeem the coupons? Applicants simply apply and use their unique coupon code to obtain their check for free.

What's the coupon cost? The cost equals the fee of the Criminal Record with Judicial Matters Check. Buying the coupon covers the check's cost for the applicant.

How Coupons Work

Here are the 3 steps of the process





Corporations, organizations, or individuals buy our coupons, either for specific applicants or to be donated to individuals required to complete the check.


The purchased coupon is given to an applicant, who can then redeem it to obtain a Criminal Record with Judicial Matters Check (CRCJM) at no cost to them.


With the CRCJM in hand, the applicant can proceed confidently with their job application, free from financial stress.

Register below to purchase coupons: you will receive the credentials to login in our portal, so you can purchase coupons, and to send them to your applicants!

Register for Buying Coupons

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